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Merlin in Cyberland

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Margaret Mann's latest book, Merlin in Cyberland, has just been released on Audio CD. This exciting half-hour drama features the voices of a dozen actors and special sound effects recorded at a BBC studio.

From his secret house in Bath's Circus, the wizard Merlin - Master of Time and Space - sends four young Merlinauts (Sam, Gilly, Lucy and Jonathan) on a magical trip into Cyberland, where they meet the new Knights of the 21st Century Round Table.

In the course of their adventures, they learn to break through the prevailing cynicism and negativity of modern life and to develop their personal talents and imagination to help create a better world. In the end, they find that the future is really more beautiful than the past.

Margaret Mann's first book, The Merlin Set-Up, was published on her 80th birthday. The Merlin Quartet, aimed especially at older teenagers, also includes Under the Merlin Spell and Merlin's Island.

The daughter of a country parson, Margaret slid away from Christian orthodoxy until her reading of William Blake and Teilhard de Chardin restored her faith and gave her a passionate belief in the future of mankind. She lives in Bath, which is the setting for much of her writing.

Margaret has always retained a fascination for science (read her tales of space and time travel) and for myth and legend, especially the Arthurian and Grail stories (read her reworking of Celtic adventures). Written with humour and insight, her books are an attempt to address existing problems in our society and religion, and will appeal to anyone who has hope for the future.

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