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Moving On with the Merlinauts

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Book Five of The Merlin Series.

Merlin has left the Merlinauts, Sam, Gilly, Lucy and Jonathan,
to their own devices for a time, but Spriggy the tree sprite is still
around to advise, especially when there is an ancient wood to be
saved from developers.

Gillian and her new friend John visit her Mum in Ireland and
experience Jonathan’s new computer game fi rst hand. In their
search for Lohengrin, and John’s developing understanding and
respect for the philosophy that Gillian and the others live by, the
two friends fall in love.

Moving On with the Merlinauts is the fi ft h volume of Margaret
Mann’s wonderful “Merlin Series”. It will be enjoyed by all who
have followed the previous adventures, and by everyone who
enjoys a good story.



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